Not many people will hear ‘miscarriage’ and not wince in some way.  Hearing the word miscarriage provokes a range of reactions from awkwardness of not knowing what to say, to […]

Tiny Talk Baby Signing - Our Fab, Fun Signing Journey

Sophie and I started Tiny Talk Baby Sign classes when she was just 5 months old, and it is still one of our favourite times of the week! Ask Sophie […]

This post is all about time.  How it goes quickly, how it goes slowly.  How children have no concept of time, and the good and bad that goes along with […]

Leaving Your Comfort Zone (Your House.  Leaving Your House.)

I’ve charged the tablet through the correct hole this time (it helps), whipped up some cookie dough (already eaten, obvs), and got my writing head on.  Sort of.  I’ve also […]

I'm Still Here, and It's Half Term Already! (Boredom-Busting Ideas for the West Midlands)

My new year’s resolution was to post more frequently. So that’s going well. Seriously, though, I really am struggling to open a blank document and start typing lately, and although […]

Happy New Year! Oh and as it’s been a while since I did my last blog (or facebook post, infact) Merry Christmas too!! Hope it was peaceful, full of mince […]

Parent And Child Spaces aka Just WHAT Is Wrong With Some People?

I can’t be the only one who gets angry with the arrogant individuals out there who park in parent and child parking spaces when they have no right or need […]

It’s been far too long since my last post.  I’ve got a habit of not writing blogs, partly because I doubt myself and think that I’ve got nothing to say […]

Aaaand we’re back.  We’re talking boobies again, and this time I’ll be focussing on the more practical and useful approach now that we’ve got the heavy stuff out of the […]

The Most Comfortable Place You Can Put Your Boobs or "Undoing The Calamity That Is Your Mammaries"

I have been umming and ahhing over what to write about next, and while I still have Part 2 of the Breastfeeding post to tackle, I’m now very eager to […]