Slummy Mummies Unite! or “Why the Daily Mail Needs to Piss Off”

In the blogging scene I’m an incredibly small fish(finger). But there are big fish. Really awesome big fish who have thousands of followers, have changed countless lives and generally make us feel so much better about ourselves when we feel lost and alone in the world of parenting.  They offer a giggle, a sigh of relief that comes from having experienced the same thing themselves, and a feeling of belonging and camaraderie. I hope one day I can make a difference, if only to a few, as the idea that I could cause a smile to beam from behind the frustrated tears of a Mum pushed to her limits, or give a Dad reassurance that the support he’s giving the frazzled Mum is greatly appreciated even though she might not be letting on that he’s her rock…that makes me feel AMAZING, and that the world is a bit ok.

Tonight I have poured myself a glass of wine and done that “Get a load of this” knitted-finger stretch at my keyboard that writers do and done the shocking thing of STARTING TO WRITE A BLOG WHEN I ONLY POSTED ONE TWO DAYS AGO.  Woo, done got a fire lit under me, this one did.

So, today the Daily Fail  posted a little snippet of ‘journalism’ reporting on the sad state of affairs they called “Slummy Mummy” blogging.  Despite last year publishing an article praising the efforts of The Unmumsy Mum, Hurrah for Gin and others for making us feel NORMAL and confident about ourselves and our achievements (and shortcomings) they have now changed their minds (that or it’s a slow news week, there’s only so much they can accuse Jeremy Corbyn of) and have declared such blogs “whingeing” and “deceitful”, boasting of drowning out the monotony of motherhood with gin and wine, when in reality they just know that life is both awesome and a bit crap at times and we DON’T GIVE A SHIT.

Seriously, we might let things get to us occasionally but the joy of blogging is that we can acknowledge what went wrong, deal with it and help others who might be going through the same thing!  There is something seriously wrong with the world when we get shamed for being welcoming and accepting.  We’re told to our faces that the world needs to change and we need to help each other but when anyone actually does they are singled out and vilified, more often than not in rags such as the Fail but in day to day life too.  I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard nasty things said about mutual friends or colleagues for doing things that I would actually happily do myself, or acting a certain way that I find admirable but I’ve been a coward and kept silent, when in reality I should be challenging them and asking “How does this affect your life? Why are you wasting your life gossiping about them, does it make you feel better about yourself? Because if so, YOU are the one with the problem.”

But I don’t.  I haven’t.  That’s why I’m hoping that by writing this blog I can learn to challenge, to support, and to change. In short:

Dear Daily Mail

Nobody cares what you think.

Yours eye-rollingly

Sturdy Mummy

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