The One Where They’re Waiting For Pizza

So I’m doing a small blog post, which is amazing because all of my posts so far have been rambling and exhausting. For me and for you.
The reason for this post is really because we’re waiting for pizza to be delivered and Damien is watching YouTube videos of people reviewing video games. Is that the adult version of kids watching kids play with toys? I’ve heard that’s what kids do these days, so far mine just puts Stickle Bricks up her nose and throws tantrums. Anyway, he’s not paying me attention and I’m on strike from housework for the evening as today has wrecked me (tried to spell that “recked” four times with my phone’s slide keyboard and couldn’t figure out why it had no idea what the hell I was trying to type.) …so yeah, mentally wrecked.

I’m using every bit of my being to not feel bad about this pizza. I’ve had the most successful run of healthy eating that I’ve had in years (2st 10lbs lost so far) and have denied a takeaway so many times when before we’d just go “ah we deserve it, fire up the Just Eat app” but today the idea of cooking makes me want to curl up and die. So we’ve decided (I decided, Damien nodded) that tonight is that treat night I’ve been putting off and putting off, and tonight I’ll go to bed feeling disgusting (you’ve been there) but NOT hating myself for a change.

I got a little bit twitchy today. Several times. Contractors were round to change something they did with our drive that shouldn’t have been there in the first place and were giving me the stink eye for it. *twitch* A plumber came round to reseal around the kitchen and pointed out that maybe I should keep it drier there in future (ya think?! Damien is chief washer-upperer and acts like Neptune God of the Fecking Sea on a nightly basis) *twitch* And Sophie went from sunshine and rainbows to Chucky in the blink of an eye over and over and I just wanted to my bloody syn-free cous cous and salad of sadness without peanut butter sandwiches being thrown at me. *twitch* Then Damien texts to tell me he’s working back some time and will be a bit late coming home… * TWITCHTWITCHTWITCH*

On top of all that Sophie’s new car seat has arrived and I want to go and play with it and set it all up but the sheer magnitude of 4 stages of car seat parts and harnesses and padding leaves me feeling a little dazed so it’s sitting in the box and shall remain there until tomorrow night. I’m sure I saw about 4 thick manuals when I peeked in, that’s worrying.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this cathartic vent of mine, and you’re feeling satisfied yet strangely hungry for pizza.

Pizza’s here!

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