Happy New Year! (Cutting it fine with my December post)

Happy New Year!

Oh and as it’s been a while since I did my last blog (or facebook post, infact) Merry Christmas too!! Hope it was peaceful, full of mince pies and chocolate and nobody got into any arguments.  My girl is only 20 months old and only has a small vocabulary so arguments are limited to “No” which, whilst it can be easy to feel you’ve won any argument against a child who only has disagreement in their arsenal, can get really bloody frustrating when they don’t even wait for your side of the fight and just play “NO” on repeat until they fall asleep.

BUT, Christmas was amazing.  This year Sophie understood that the presents contained new, fun things for her to play with (and also learned that not all of the presents were for her, that was but a small speed bump remedied by being given another present to help her get over the fact I’d unwrapped a pair of socks, how dare I) and now has a dazzling array of toys containing a metric f*ck-tonne of small pieces which she takes pleasure in emptying all around the living room floor.  Next step is drilling the ‘tidy up’ phase into her.

That’s Christmas done and dusted for another year, and next year I hope to be organised and prepared and have written several helpful blogs to see any new parents through the festive period.  I can but dream.  I’d love to be more organised but I just don’t think my list app (Wunderlist, it’s bloody amazing, download it now!) can handle any more lists, well I mean it obviously can but I spend most of my day drowning in lists to help me remember everything from what thing I noticed needed cleaning this morning but couldn’t clean right then, to a two-weekly meal planner and food shopping list in the order of the way I walk around the aisles in Aldi so I don’t miss anything or have to double back. (I do though, nearly always)

But that brings me neatly onto my next topic: Resolutions!

I don’t usually bother, but I’ve decided that they might be the key to a successful year.  Here are mine: (feel free to adopt them yourselves)

Stop looking at facebook so much.  It’s depressing, it’s a waste of time and you feel guilty for spending hours scrolling through rubbish when you could be doing something awesome with your child/dog/life etc.

Eat more lentils.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a lentil.  Not knowingly anyway.  But I hear good things about ‘bulking out meals’ and saving money so that can only be a good thing.  Lentils, people.

Just calm down a bit.  Forget what Natasha-Rose* and her immaculately-dressed toddler are doing on instagram, don’t worry that you’re always in your pjs and would prefer to spend time with the two-dimensional people on tv (we all do at times) and don’t overload yourself.  It helps nobody.

Spread the love.  It sounds sappy I know but there’s so much hate out there and it just sucks.  Be the reason someone else smiles, that’s a great start.

I’m going to leave it there for 2017 and pick back up with more parenty-type blogs in January.

*doorbell* Ooh, curry’s here!

Happy New Year!!


*I don’t know a Natasha-Rose.  Sounded about right though.

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