Tiny Talk Baby Signing – Our Fab, Fun Signing Journey

Sophie and I started Tiny Talk Baby Sign classes when she was just 5 months old, and it is still one of our favourite times of the week! Ask Sophie what we do on Wednesdays and she happily replies “Tiny Talk!”

Whenever anyone asks me about baby groups, or just strikes up a conversation, I tell them without hesitation that Tiny Talk is the best class out there. Fun, interesting and so worthwhile, it teaches babies and toddlers a valuable skill and is a fun hour for them to learn, play, interact and experience a sensory activity all in one session. Plus parents get a cuppa and a biscuit which is always welcome!

Today, Sophie was given her ‘200 signs’ certificate, and I was a bit emotional (yes, I cried, it was inevitable), but, without meaning to get too mushy, realised I wasn’t just proud of the clever little thing I’ve created, but filled with so much love for her and our little signing bond that has been such a big part of our lives. (Well, all of her life as I’ve been signing “milk” since her first feed.) A lot of those signs she has learned and then not really used again, but she still has a large number of signs she uses regularly alongside her speech as she’s so used to using them, and while she may use fewer and fewer signs as she gets older I will keep using them with her, and maybe one day they’ll even come in useful with somebody who signs and just makes their day 😊


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