Happy New Year! Oh Go On, Have Some Resolutions Then…

This post comes to you partly from the realisation that it’s been far too long since my last post, not so much because I think people want to hear what I have to say (see below for more information on believing in myself) but mostly because it’s the last day of 2018 and I wanted to make sure my last post of 2018 was a happy, positive one.

I didn’t necessarily want to do a post about New Year’s Resolutions, because what’s left to say that hasn’t been said before? But then what’s left to say about anything that hasn’t been said before? If I have that attitude (and I have, which is why I struggle to keep posting regularly) then I’ll always see this blog as a task that doesn’t necessarily need doing, rather than the creative outlet I need and possibly a bit of hope and support for others who need it.

So with that in mind, I’m throwing myself into 2019 with a positive attitude and with the goal of writing a new blog at least every two weeks.  It’s more than I’ve written before, and with a new baby on the way it’ll be a challenge but I believe in myself, or at least I’m telling myself I believe in myself which is a start!

I haven’t made a list of resolutions so far, at least not written down anywhere, so I expect this section to be a bit all over the place.  My first resolution, however, has been on my mind a lot lately, and that is to make time for:

Self Care

It’s one of those phrases that has started popping up more and more often but I’ve mostly ignored it due to feeling that I’m not really worth all that nonsense with, you know, taking time for myself or making sure I’m doing ok.  But I totally am!  And you know what?  So are you!  And the beauty of self care is that it isn’t a definitive list, it’s whatever lights that little light inside of you that makes you glow, whatever cheers you up when you feel blue, things to keep yourself healthy and functional or ways to unwind.  It could be something big like finally decorating your house the way you have always wanted, maybe taking a well-deserved holiday, but for me (and let’s be honest, this is more practical and achievable) it’ll start with little things that I just haven’t felt deserving of, like taking a nice relaxing bath more often, going for walks, maybe finally getting something done with my invisible eyebrows. 2019 is my oyster, make it yours too.

Use Less Plastic/Be Less Wasteful

I don’t think I’m the poster girl for this resolution but I if everyone took little steps to use less plastic and throw less away it’ll make a big difference.  Every little helps and all that.  I’m going to try shampoo and conditioner bars when my current bottles run out, increase my efforts to stash reusable bags in every corner of my life for every eventuality, and I’ve already started using reusable baby wipes for faces and hands, so I haven’t bought any new packs of baby wipes for the last couple of months compared to the boxes full I’ve been getting through for the last few years.  (We use Cheeky Wipes on my sister-in-law’s recommendation and we love them!)

Be Brave

I’m not sure where I’ll start with this one, but some definites that are coming my way will force a little bit of bravery into me whether I like it or not.  I’ll be a mother to a newborn again and will have to let go of Sophie a little and accept help from others, something I’ve always struggled with.  The big one next year will be sending Sophie to nursery.  With people I don’t know.  Where I can’t watch over her to make sure she’s ok.  Eep. I want to try other new things and push myself out of my comfort zone a bit. I need to believe in myself and find worth in myself, which I’m sure will not only benefit me but my family too.  Suggestions on a postcard.  Not bungee jumping, or any kind of jumping from any kind of height though, I’m not a maniac.

I’m not going to make this list too long, in fact I’m going to leave it there so I have energy left to eat my Chinese tonight and watch a film, before collapsing at around 10:30.

Don’t pressure yourselves to make lists of resolutions, or make as many as you like. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, don’t be a dick about all the “New Year, New Me” posts, (in fact, don’t be a dick at all, it’s a good goal) don’t judge, spread happiness, just do what you can to enjoy your life because nobody’s going to do it for you.

Happy New Year!

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