Pregnancy – Enjoying the First vs Enduring the Second

Pregnancy is wonderful, isn’t it?  It’s ever so slightly less wonderful when it’s your second pregnancy.  I don’t even dare to imagine what pregnancy feels like when you’ve already got more than one little one demanding your attention.

During your first pregnancy everything is new and exciting.  Antenatal appointments are precious and memorable, your growing bump is photographed more often than a drunk celebrity, and even morning sickness is almost tolerable (except if you’ve got it bad, then I feel for ya) and swiftly combated with bed rest, and attention and sympathy from your other half.

Next time round, you despair as you realise you have another growth scan or jab that week and either have to ring around to find someone to entertain your firstborn or drag them along with you and pray they don’t unleash a mega poo at the worst time or take interest in (remove) every single leaflet in the waiting room, the only photos you get of your bump are in the background of photos of your little one or quickly snapped on your phone when you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and remember you’re pregnant, and morning sickness… there’s no time for that nonsense.  You’re lucky if you have the luxury of taking yourself to a toilet when your stomach starts to churn, but your best bet is making friends with a bowl.

What else? Let’s see:


First pregnancy – Feel a little drowsy mid afternoon?  Can’t face another minute awake after work?  No problem, rest your weary head in your lovely cozy bed and count some sheep.

Second pregnancy – Sorry, your toddler just dropped their daytime nap and will run around banging pots and pans together in your face if they notice you close your eyes.  Don’t think you’ve got away with it at night when little one is tucked up in bed, either, when you’re not angrily kicking out all the toys you’ve found hiding in your duvet, you’re desperately pretending to be asleep when you hear the dreaded cries for attention from the baby monitor, hoping that your husband will hop out of bed and soothe the child back to sleep. (I’ve been very lucky with this one, I don’t think he thinks it’s worth the argument with a tired pregnant lady)

Making Memories

First pregnancy – You’ve got a pregnancy journal to log your feelings, memories, bump size, symptoms, etc, you fill it in religiously and take plenty of photos to record this wonderful time in your life.

Second pregnancy – You haven’t picked up a pen in months, and have to check your calendar to remember how many weeks pregnant you are.


First pregnancy – You’ve read three separate baby books, learned all the medical terms for everything baby-related and can reel off a complete list of food you need to avoid.

Second pregnancy – Just tell me if the baby is the right way round and also can I eat dippy eggs?


First pregnancy – New wardrobe!  Slogan t-shirts, bump-hugging dresses and a range of maternity jeans.

Second pregnancy – Black leggings, Grey leggings, comfy long t-shirts and anything you don’t mind being covered in sticky hands and the odd splash of wee.


But don’t despair! Your second pregnancy will actually be absolutely wonderful.  You think that feeling kicks again will be old news but it’s just as magical and exciting as the first time around.  You will appreciate any down-time and nap opportunity with a greater enthusiasm than you thought was possible.  Most importantly, telling a child they are getting a brother or sister is amazing, and either sweet and tender or just plain hilarious.  Sophie loved the idea of being a big sister from the moment we showed her the first scan photo, and gave us weeks of adorable moments.  We then got a great video of me telling her she’d be getting a baby brother and her reply was “I don’t like boys”.  Classic.  Disclaimer: We reminded her what boys and girls are and that she knows many boys that she does like, and is now very excited about having a brother. Phew.

In my experience, my second pregnancy has been a complete mixed bag.  I’ve been so much sicker this time round, typical, and have spent a lot of time with my head down the toilet.  But whenever Sophie notices I’m upchucking she comes running and rubs my back telling me “don’t worry mummy, I look after you” (adorable).  Sure, she asks me EVERY SINGLE TIME “why you being sick, mummy?” followed by a game of ‘why’ tennis (she’s in that stage yay) but it shows me how emotionally intelligent she is and perks me right up.  Once I’ve finished throwing up, that is.

Here’s to baby number two!!

Sturdy Mummy x

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