Going It Alone (For Four Days)

Since Sophie was born I think Damien and I have spent a maximum of one night apart at any one time, and as far as I can remember that’s only actually happened twice, and one of those times I had Sophie with me! This week I found myself with a 4 and a half days of just me and Sophie.

Easy peasy.  What on earth can happen in 4 and a half days? I’ve had weeks pass us by with nothing interesting happening.  Except during these 4 and a half days I experienced the boiler having a dicky fit and needing repair (luckily this started before Damien left and he set the wheels in motion so I just had to be here to let the plumbers in a few times), our broadband dying a death and my phone also deciding to have temporary blackouts throughout the day (not great when you don’t have a landline either), Sophie coming down with something and having a fever and throwing up in her bed during the night, one of the cats also feeling left out and throwing up on the living room carpet, oh and just because I was feeling too ok, I tweaked my back and struggled to move for a bit. You know, just for a lark.

It wasn’t all bad though.  Sophie’s little poorly spell turned her into a cuddly, overly-loving little thing, not that she’s not normally loving but usually she’ll give you a quick hug then she wants her space.  Not gonna lie, I hated seeing her feel so sorry for herself but I’ve never felt so wanted in my life, and had all the time in the world for her snuggles.

Despite doing absolutely everything for her and not being apart from her from morning ’til night, I missed her the moment I left her room at bedtime and wasn’t even annoyed when she woke up a bit early and took the opportunity to let her into my bed for snoozy snuggles.  She was not cool with this and just talked and talked and talked. I gave in and went to get our tea and milk, just a little bit earlier that morning.

Fun though that week was, I was over the moon when Saturday came around, when Mum came to watch Sophie for the couple of hours until Damien got back so I could nip out for the morning with friends and have some me time I’d already planned before Damien rudely told me he was buggering off to Romania for work.  The cheek.  The best part was the next few days where she wanted Daddy for EVERYTHING and I got to rest.  HAHA, I mean, I got to whizz through all the jobs I was too exhausted to do during the week.  All back to normal today though as Damien went to work and Sophie was sure to make her feelings about this clear.  At least he came back the same day this time, kid!

If Damien goes away again, I know I can handle it.  Except it could go way, way worse, so please don’t go away again, darling.

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