Most days I feel one or more negative thoughts about myself and my abilities, from guilt that we didn’t leave the house that day and panic that Sophie will develop […]

When the day starts off not quite going to plan sometimes it’s best to go back to bed and pretend Thursday isn’t happening and just wait patiently for Friday. Except […]

So I’m doing a small blog post, which is amazing because all of my posts so far have been rambling and exhausting. For me and for you. The reason for […]

That’s right, mummies and daddies (and other avid readers), it’s time for the big one, the biggest debate fodder out there, (though frig knows why, honestly) BREASTFEEDING.  Don’t worry though, […]

Tonight I thought I would chime in with a view of how the birth went from the Father’s perspective. Sophie’s birth was rather eventful. It’s very easy to forget that […]

In the blogging scene I’m an incredibly small fish(finger). But there are big fish. Really awesome big fish who have thousands of followers, have changed countless lives and generally make […]

The Meaning of Life - Part I: The Miracle of Birth. (No machines went 'ping')

It was a balmy April evening.  I had my sunglasses on, the hubby and I had been picked up to go for a meal at a nice country pub and I […]

I think I need to go and collapse in bed. Today was emotional, the kind of emotional where I wonder why I chose to try out the new “extreme super […]

#Food, glorious food! Smushed into the carpet!# Ok, so that might not be how the song goes, but it may as well do!  If you’re going to follow baby-led weaning […]

I’ve been trying to get Sophie to nap in her cot for months. She sleeps like a pro at night, down by 6:30, until around 7. But try and put […]